Conquer Cables Is Back: February 20 – 24

Is learning to cable on your knitting resolution list for 2017?

Have you been knitting for a while but have been afraid to try to cabling?

Cables are like braiding cord, but with columns of stitches instead of individual strands. That’s it! Really.

You don’t have to be afraid of cables. You can knit them. I believe in you. Yes, you!

I’m hosting a free 5-day email challenge from February 20-24 that addresses everything you need to know to create your first cables and feel confident that even if you make a mistake, you can fix it.

The concepts are reinforced with a small, 20-yard (18 meter) project that you can easily complete within the challenge timeframe. Even if your first cables look crazy, it’s a small project and small time investment. Plus, posting photos of your progress enters you for prizes!

I’ve also received some perks that are for ALL Conquer Cables participants.

Conquer Cables: 5 Emails. 5 Videos. 5 LiveStreams. 5 Day Knitalong. Prizes.

Mirror knitter? No problem, I am too! I have instructions and videos for you as well!

Already know how to knit cables? Join the challenge as a knitalong to be entered for prizes, and the daily tips & tricks LiveStreams might even have a few knitting hacks to add to your collection.

Invite a friend for moral support and sign up for the knitventure below!

The Knitventure Begins February 20, don’t miss out!