Ascent Shawl Release & Knitalong

The latest patterns in the Woodland Passage Collection was released into the universe on March 16. The Ascent Shawl combines texture and lace in a fresh, geometric way.


Let’s talk about the yarn for a minute. I love Malabrigo. The depth and tone in their colors makes for some eye-catching finished products. The gold in the worsted weight version uses Malabrigo Rios in Sunset. The purple in the light version uses Malabrigo Sock in Violeta Africana. Don’t you want to just float away knitting with this color? It’s so pretty! At 100% wool for both Rios and Sock, it blocks like a dream and the draping options are endless.


The shawl is cast on with a modified garter tab that uses yarnovers to continue the eyelets along the edge. Worked with seed stitch, moss stitch, a slip stitch garter pattern, and cell stitch lace, this is a great shawl for an ambitious beginner to get their knitting needles warmed to shawl shaping and lace. There are lots of places to practice simple increase and decrease techniques like YO, K2Tog, SSK, and CDD.

For the advanced knitter, it’s a great pattern to keep your interest! With the textures changing every section, it helps build momentum to power through the bind off. Since the stitch and row repeats are short, it’s easy to memorize each section as you’re working. Simple enough to knit while watching Netflix, but engaging enough to keep you knitting one more row, the pattern is easy to pick up and knit for a few rows or take on the go.

Light: Size US5 (3.75mm) – 40”+ (101cm+) Circular Needle
Worsted: Size US7 (4.5mm) – 40”+ (101cm+) Circular Needle

Yarn Used:
Light: Malabrigo Sock | Light Fingering | 100% Merino | 440 yards (402m)/ 3.53 oz (100g) Colorway: Violeta Africana
Worsted: Malabrigo Rios | Worsted (10 ply) | 100% Merino | 210 yards (192m) / 3.53 oz (100g) Colorway: Sunset

Light: 633 yards / 580 meters | Test Knitters used from 585 yards (535m) – 800 yards (732m)
Worsted: 540 yards (494 meters) | Test Knitters used from 530 yards (485m) – 600 yards (550m)

Unblocked Size: 48” (122cm) Wingspan / 22” (56cm) Depth
Blocked Size: 60” (152cm) Wingspan / 28” (71cm) Depth
Unblocked Size: 45” (114cm) Wingspan / 22.5” (57cm) Depth
Blocked Size: 60” (152cm) Wingspan / 30” (76cm) Depth


  • Who? Knitters In Search of a New Knitventure Who Enjoy the Encouragement and Support of a Community Knitalong
  • What? Join Amanda Leah of daisy chain knits and the Knitventure Society for a knitalong of the latest Woodland Passage Collection release – the Ascent Shawl. With weekly Facebook Lives on shawl topics and Q&A, I want to ensure that your project is a success!
  • When? March 27, 2017 – April 23, 2017
  • Where? The Knitventure Society Facebook Group
  • Why?
    You like to knit beautiful shawls.
    You like to learn new knitting techniques.
    You like pattern discounts (Buy one get one free? Yes, please!).
    You like knitting to have the chance to win a prize.

Click Here to Sign Up for the Ascent Shawl KAL

After you click this link, you’ll be emailed the KAL details which includes the discount codes.


Not the right time for you to join a knitalong? No worries!

Here are the links to check out the patterns:

Click Here For Ascent Shawl Light on Ravelry

Click Here For Ascent Shawl Worsted on Ravelry

Special Thank You to Holladay Photography for the beautiful photos!

Conquer Cables Is Back: February 20 – 24

Is learning to cable on your knitting resolution list for 2017?

Have you been knitting for a while but have been afraid to try to cabling?

Cables are like braiding cord, but with columns of stitches instead of individual strands. That’s it! Really.

You don’t have to be afraid of cables. You can knit them. I believe in you. Yes, you!

I’m hosting a free 5-day email challenge from February 20-24 that addresses everything you need to know to create your first cables and feel confident that even if you make a mistake, you can fix it.

The concepts are reinforced with a small, 20-yard (18 meter) project that you can easily complete within the challenge timeframe. Even if your first cables look crazy, it’s a small project and small time investment. Plus, posting photos of your progress enters you for prizes!

I’ve also received some perks that are for ALL Conquer Cables participants.

Conquer Cables: 5 Emails. 5 Videos. 5 LiveStreams. 5 Day Knitalong. Prizes.

Mirror knitter? No problem, I am too! I have instructions and videos for you as well!

Already know how to knit cables? Join the challenge as a knitalong to be entered for prizes, and the daily tips & tricks LiveStreams might even have a few knitting hacks to add to your collection.

Invite a friend for moral support and sign up for the knitventure below!

The Knitventure Begins February 20, don’t miss out!


New Pattern, New Resources, New Interview

Hello Knitventurers!

I can’t believe it’s the end of December already. This year has flown by, and has been filled with such wonderful changes in my life and such a great start for daisy chain knits. My appreciation for you joining the Knitventure Society tribe is large and wide – thank you for being a part of the spirit of knitventure.

If you are wrapping up your holiday gift knitting, I wish you the best knitting speed and accuracy!

Here’s a little recap since we lasted ‘talked’. 🙂

Conquer Cables Knitventure Quest Recap

Thank you to all of the brave knitventurers who participated in the year-end Conquer Cables Knitventure Quest. We had some fun demystifying cables and putting our newfound skills into action by creating a gift card cozy.

Congratulations to all who earned their Conquer Cables Knitventure Badge and also to our winners, Debra, Kelli, and Christy. All 8 participants who finished received a copy of the Terra Firma Scarf pattern as a thank you for their participation.

Terra Firma Scarf Pattern

Speaking of the Terra Firma Scarf pattern, I released it this past Monday. 🙂 You can find it here on Ravelry. I can’t thank you enough if you’ve already favorited the pattern, purchased it, or added it to your queue. It’s a design that I love, and I’m happy to see so many others love it too!

Knitventure Survival Guide Video Resources

I’m adding a new resource for you both for patterns and your general knitting adventures – video tutorials! I started this with the Terra Firma Scarf pattern, and will be updating old patterns to include this as well. There is a new “i” icon in the pattern that you can click on in the digital version to be taken to videos which will show you how to accomplish the technique or section of the pattern.

You can check out the Terra Firma Scarf’s pattern page here to check out the video resources I’ve created and will be creating for patterns and general knitting adventures for you in the future.

An Interview on The Needle Bee

Ever wonder why I started designing? Where the name daisy chain knits came from? Here’s a hint – it goes back a ways!

Why I’m doing what I’m doing? Brenda from the Needle Bee graciously offered a spot in her designer highlight blog series. I’d love it if you went and checked out the wonderful feature on daisy chain knits if you want to learn more about who I am, why I’m doing what I’m doing – and of course, what’s in it for you! 🙂

Click Here to Read the Interview

Happy Holidays!

Whether you celebrate the holidays with immense cheer, or whether you don’t celebrate them at all – I wish you all the best weekend, filled with cheer, lightheartedness, laughter, love, and people you cherish. (And here’s a peek at my next-in-line design – the Terra Firma hat!)

Knitventure On, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Amanda Leah

Announcing Conquer Cables Knitventure Quest

Hello knitventurers! I hope you all had a wonderful November. It’s been a while, but I haven’t been idle. I’ve been busy writing content, recording, and promoting the…

Conquer Cables Knitventure Quest


If you follow me on social media, I’m sure you already signed up and are ready to take on the challenge!

If you haven’t, let me tell you a little bit about this Knitventure Quest.

This knitalong / challenge combo runs from December 12 – 16 and I’ll be teaching you cabling concepts, how to create the 2/2 LC and 2/2 RC cables, how to cable without a cable needle, how to fix a miscrossed cable without completely frogging, and avoiding & fixing cable tension problems.

Each day in your email you’ll receive:

  • Around 8 rows a day of the plaited gift card cozy pattern
  • Links to videos that will help you demystify & simplify cables
  • Q&A LiveStream scheduled in the Knitventure Society Facebook Group
  • Community support in the Knitventure Society Group

If you complete all five days of the challenge and post in the appropriate prompts in the Knitventure Society Group, you’ll receive an entry to win prizes from the prize pool.

Sign Up Here (at

Conquer Cables Prize Feature – Nailya Plaskey Designs

Nailya has graciously donated her Better Cable Headband to be one of the prizes in the prize pool for the Conquer Cables Knitventure Quest.


Look at those beautiful cables you can practice on after you’ve completed the quest!

As a thank you for her generous donation, make sure you check out her beautiful designs on Ravelry, Facebook, or Instagram.

Nailya’s Ravelry Store: Click Here
Nailya’s Facebook Page: Click Here
Nailya’s Instagram: Click Here

Sneak Peek of New Pattern 

Keep an eye out later this week for the newest scarf pattern in the Terra Firma set of the Woodland Passage Collection.  Here’s a sneak peek!


100 Followers on Instagram – Thank You!

The @daisychainknits account on Instagram has 100 followers. Thank you so much for your love and support! It is such a pleasure to serve you with new knitventures and knitting inspiration!

Until next time, knitventure on!

Amanda Leah


November 5, 2016

Hello, my fellow knitventurers!

This week I released my Terra Firma Cowl pattern on Ravelry. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, it received more likes, queues, and purchases than I thought it would being my first paid pattern. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out yet, click the button below to check out the Ravelry pattern page.


Test Knitting Opportunities


The Terra Firma Scarf pattern is just about wrapped up and is being sent off to tech editing on Monday. This means that there will be a new test knit opportunity opening up later next week. If you’re interested in applying to be a test knitter for me and receive test knitting opportunities by email, sign up for test knitting by clicking on the button below.


Conquer Cables Knitventure Quest

Do you think cables are beautiful but have been afraid to take the leap into trying them? Maybe you found this beautiful cabled cowl pattern, but you don’t want to learn to cable on the cowl itself.

I’ve been planning the Knitventure Society’s first Knitventure Quest: Conquer Cables. During this knitalong, I’ll guide you through the techniques via video and Live Stream to make the Plaited Gift Card Cozy pattern. This pattern only takes an hour or two to make, and so I’m dividing up the pattern into five days. Each day of the quest, I’ll be sharing some insights about cables to help demystify them and uncover the secrets of how simple they really are to construct (and fix!). There will be two sets of videos – one for traditional knitters, and one for mirror knitters, so everyone can play!

Conquer Cables is in the planning (and video recording) process, and I’m aiming to open it up later this month for kickoff in early December. It’s the perfect time to take on a little project to help break up the monotony of holiday knitting, and you’ll end up with some pretty packaging for a gift card you might give out for the holidays.

Keep an eye out for more information coming soon. If you want to be the first to know when the Knitventure Quest is happening, consider signing up for the Knitventure Society. You can sign up by clicking the button below to learn more.


Discover Your Knitventure,



Terra Firma Cowl Release

I love knitting with simple textures that combine in a way that looks complexly elegant. I hate how most of the patterns that have these features have me flipping between pages, remembering which row of which chart I am on, and usually end up with a graft that isn’t in pattern and looks out of place.

That is why I love the featured stitch patterns in my newest cowl design, Terra Firma. It combines textures (seed stitch and garter for simplicity) and uncomplicated lace (for some interest) into an elegant and natural pattern. And it’s grafted in pattern so you don’t have a distracting line through the middle of your work that makes you self-conscious of how you wear it.

The cowl is provisionally cast on, knit flat with the icord border as you go, and grafted, and each texture is its own 20 row repeat, so there’s no need to remember if you are on Row 12 of one chart and Row 18 of another.


This cowl was designed with Shalimar Breathless yarn, a delightful blend of merino, cashmere, and silk, which makes this cowl as much a pleasure to knit as it is to wear. The yarn has a beautiful and easy drape, giving a classic elegance to the textures. I recommend using a yarn that is solid or semisolid / tonal to really show off the pattern textures.

If you’re new to lace, this is a great pattern to give your fingers practice. There are lots of places to practice simple increase and decrease techniques like YO, K2Tog, and SSK, and less common increases like making one purlwise and decreasing two stitches with a sl1, k2tog, psso. Since the pattern is repeated, you don’t have to worry about any new stitch surprises after the first 20 rows.

More experienced knitters who enjoy stitch patterns that keep your interest because they are breaking up the monotony of stockinette or garter will find this to be a stimulating project. Simple enough to knit while watching Netflix, but engaging enough to keep you knitting one more row, the pattern is easy to pick up and knit for a few rows or take on the go.

Mirror knitters will be thrilled to find there is a special mirror knit version of the pattern just for you. No more transposing increases and decreases or cables, or ending up with a mirrored end result. You can knit from the included mirror knitting instructions and have the same experience and finished item as a traditional knitter and avoid the hassle of having to remember what you have to reverse and what you can knit as written.

Needles: US size 6 (4 mm) 14” (36cm) Straight Needles or size needed to obtain gauge.

Yarn Used: Shalimar Yarns Breathless | Fingering / 4 ply | 75% Merino, 15% Cashmere goat, 10% Silk | 420 yards (384 meters) / 4 oz (115 grams) | Loden Colorway

Sizes: Short, Medium, Long

Short – 284 yards (260 meters) – 320 yards (293 meters)
Medium – 360 yards (330 meters) – 440 yards (402 meters)
Long – 480 yards (439 meters) – 560 yards (512 meters)

You can get the pattern in my Ravelry Shop today.

Knitventure On,


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