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You are a KnitVenturer.

  • You’re constantly on the hunt for new fiber and adventures to take it on.
  • You know where to find inspiration for your next quest – patterns that give you a clear route and resources to back them up.
  • You want to knit beautiful accessories and garments and you want a path to get there free of confusion or imprecise directions.

Take a look below at the adventures that we can start together.

Knitventure Quests

Join A Free 5-Day Online Challenge

Do you need a little confidence boost before you try something new? Are you afraid to try new knitting techniques on a large project?

If so, Knitventure Quests are for you. These 5-day themed challengs help you demystify the unknowns behind a knitting technique so you can bravely learn and practice a new skill.

Each Knitventure Quest includes a small project that can easily be completed in the 5 days of the challenge so you can cement what you’ve learned and show off your new skill. 

You’ll be encouraged and supported by your fellow knitventurers in the Knitventure Society’s exclusive Facebook group!

Conquer Cables

Demystify & Simplify Cabling Techniques

Have you been meaning to try cables but haven’t been able to get over the fear and take the leap? Join the email challenge / KAL and learn:
– The Anatomy of Cables
– How to Read Cable Stitch Abbreviations & Chart Symbols
– How to Create Cables With & Without a Cable Needle
– How to Fix a Miscrossed Cable
– How to Diagnose Your Tension & Fix Loose Knit Stitch Columns


Knitting is a journey. The pattern is a map.

The design inspires you to take a new stitching adventure, and the pattern is one route on how to get there.

Your inspired yarn and color choices blended with the design and pattern allow you to create an object that tells your story.

Together designers and knitters complete the quest to knit beautiful things. What adventure are you itching to take?

Shop on Ravelry

Choose Your Knitventure

When you purchase a daisy chain knits pattern, you’re getting a complete, clear, and concise map on how to create your project confidently.

Each design is crafted with thoughtfulness and precision to ensure that you have a high quality and consistent knitting experience. Charming and simple knits is my goal, and my aim is to execute that masterfully.

Build Your Skills & Find Fellowship

Join An Exclusive Community – The Knitventure Society

Add To Your Knitting Toolkit

& Make Friends In A Supportive Community

Escape your everyday knitting routine and embark upon a new knitventure.
Explore your knitting potential.
Savor the journey while creating beautiful knits.

With monthly skills intensives, regular knitalongs and challenges, you’ve found a great place to level up your knitting skills and keep building up the tools in your knitting survival pack.

If this sounds like you, check out more about the Knitventure Society below! 

Join the
Escape The Everyday Knitting Routine
Explore Your Knitting Potential
Savor The Journey
Join the FREE 
Skills Week & Knitalong

Celtic Cables &
Nennir Knitalong

Learn the techniques to knit this
beautiful cowl design by 
Lucy Hague!

Ascent Shawl 

* March 27 - April 23
* KAL Pattern Discount
* Embark on a new knitventure with the Knitventure Society 

Join the FREE Skills Week

Fair Isle Colorwork

Learn Fair Isle Basics with Amanda Leah & the Knitventure Society.

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