Hello, Fellow Knitventurers!

It has been a busy week here at daisy chain knits. I’m excited to bring you some news and reconnect with you!

Terra Firma Update


The Terra Firma Cowl is in the process of being test knit, and the test knit completes on Saturday. This process has been incredibly instrumental in making sure that you get the BEST knitting experience you can from this pattern. There have been six edits so far including a complete reformatting of the charts to make it easier for you to use. A huge thank you to my test knitters – Brigit, Emette, Heidi, and Roberta for your dedication to getting this pattern turned around so quickly.

I am so excited to be able to release this pattern to you next week! If you haven’t already, consider signing up for the Knitventure Society newsletter so you can take advantage of the guild’s exclusive coupon code that will be sent out the day the pattern is released. The pattern will also be on sale once it is listed on Ravelry, but guild members get a better discount as a thank you for supporting daisy chain knits. You can sign up for the Knitventure Society email newsletter and the Facebook group by clicking here.

Introducing the Knitventure Society Facebook Group



Escape the everyday knitting routine by embarking on a quest to explore your knitting potential. Savor the journey along the way while creating beautiful knits that capture memories in their stitches. This is the newest benefit of signing up for the Knitventure Society. The society was set up as a way to build a community of people like you to share their journey in an encouraging environment. Calibrate your goals, set off on the path to reaching your highest knitting potential, celebrate your triumphs, and let the guild support you when you get caught up or overwhelmed. Daily prompts in the group help remind you to set your goals, progress check, share your wins and your wares, and remind you to savor the journey. You can sign up for the Knitventure Society email newsletter and the Facebook group by clicking here.

Wondering what’s in the newsletter? Here’s what you can expect from your Knitventure Society Newsletters:

  • I’ll tell a story or two about my knitting past, daily knitting life, or something amusing that happened while I was trying to make yarn and design magic happen
  • You’ll get my blog posts delivered to your inbox
  • You’ll get a behind the scenes, off-the-beaten trail view into the new knitventures I’m mapping out for your escape from the everyday into knitting freedom.
  • You’ll be the first to know about new pattern releases, new quests that are coming your way, and new knitventure-worthy knitalongs.
  • I’ll drop some treasure every now and then so you can share in new opportunities and possibilities. Coupon codes, anyone? I take care of the society with surprises every now and then, to show my gratitude for your support.

Master Brand

I enrolled in a program from Jennifer Kem called Master Brand. I have some experience with Jen – having participated in the Brand Story Challenge, and taken her Launch Leader class. Master Brand is a program for small businesses to get seen, get heard, and get paid. I am doing the homework and it is wonderfully exhausting. The lightbulbs are going on like crazy in my brain and I am so excited to share with you what is coming for daisy chain knits over the coming months.

More importantly for daisy chain knits – it is helping me find my tribe! My brand personality is the Explorer – and you’ll see and feel that on my website, in the group, and in the patterns I create. I want to help knitters  escape from the dullness of everyday knitting and find the freeing path to knitting projects that they want to knit and enjoy the process of knitting them. My hope is that the encouragement and support of well-written patterns and resources will help you find the courage to take the next step in your knitting and enjoy the empowerment that leveling up your knitting skills offers.

And most importantly – it is helping me tailor my offerings to meet your desires and needs!

Discover Your Knitventure!